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Why Become SEOplanet's Hosting Affiliate?

Nothing makes us stop to do our best! We’re ready to break barriers and stay strong with you.

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Sign up with us for free! Fill in your credentials, get a unique tracking code for use, and start your earning today!

Realtime Tracking

We track your activities and ensure you get what you deserve through our reliable and real-time latest technology.

Affiliate manager

We are here to support you in every stage of your journey. There’s nothing that can stop you from being the best Affiliate marketer!


That’ll Ensure Your Way to Success

Engaging Hosting Banners

SEOplanet provides you with eye-catching hosting sale banners, increasing customer engagement to buy hosting from your referrals.

Custom Affiliate Links

Create affiliate links in accordance with your content to generate more leads and improve campaign targeting. Customers may find it simpler to find your website if you use a custom domain.

Instant Welcome Bonus

Get a welcome bonus right away for joining SEOplanet. You can debit the amount when you earn a minimum of $50.

Navigate Confidently

If you become lost or puzzled by the terms and conditions, read our knowledge base or get in touch with our support staff.

Affiliate Sales Starter Guide

If you are just starting out with affiliate sales, don't stress. You will receive the most thorough instruction manual to assist with your hosting expertise.

Powerful Affiliate Dashboard

SEOplanet's robust affiliate dashboard offers you the most in-depth tracking, earnings monitoring, and customised click programmes


We are grateful for all the love from our Thousands Happy customers present across the globe.


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Have Questions?

How long does it take for a sale to show up in my account?

It should show up immediately. If it doesn't, you can contact the Affiliate support team, which is available 24/7 to get your issues resolved.

I just made a sale. Where can I see it?

Log in to . On the bottom right, you will see all your pending and approved commissions on the bottom right.

I've been approved for the SEOplanet Hosting affiliate program. Now, what do I do?

Log into your affiliate account to access our marketing materials by clicking the “Banners and Links” Tab. Choose the marketing material you would like to add to your site.

Then, you will see Banner codes on the right-hand side. Copy/paste this code to your site. You earn a commission when someone clicks on that link and purchases a hosting account.

Can I PPC bid to promote SEOplanet Hosting?

Yes, but please do not bid on our corporate name, variation of our corporate name, misspelling, or any keyword that contains a portion of it, including "SEOplanet" or  "".

Focus on bids for keywords like "fast hosting", "PHP hosting", and "WordPress hosting". Please contact us if you need help brainstorming keywords. Make sure to add YouStable hosting, and SEOplanet as negative campaign keywords. Please contact us if you need help brainstorming keywords.

I've made a sale. Now when do I get paid?

After 60 days a valid sale will change from status “Pending” to “Approved”. Once the sale is “Approved” it will be paid during the first 7-15 days of the month.

I have an approved sale that did not get paid. Why?

There might be a few reasons for this. Sometimes we need more time to validate a sale. Contact our customer care to ensure that your payment method is correct.

Why was my commission Rejected/Cancelled?

Here are some common reasons why your commission may have been rejected or cancelled:

The customer has already signed up with us in the past.
The same payment method was used as another account.
The system detected that you and someone else is are using a single customer account.
We have a strict policy in place to catch referrals that do not meet our guidelines. If you are referring to a friend or a customer, just give them a link or a coupon.
Your account was flagged for violating the program terms and conditions.
The purchase was made outside the tracking window.
The customer used a different link or coupon code.
The order was cancelled or returned by the customer.
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