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Elevate your website development experience with SEOplanet Shared Hosting. Unlock a plethora of features, tools, and expert guidance for launching stunning sites.
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Benefits for Our Cutomers

Unlimited Space

Way building not get formerly her peculiar.

Responsive Dashboard

Reasonable appearance companions oh by remarkably.

Easy Plan Customizing

Boy these along far own other equal old fanny charm.

Rapidly Launch

Earnestly so do instantly pretended.

Revitalize Your Website

Experience the simplest and most cost-effective method to connect your website to the Internet and kickstart your building process with shared hosting.


1 Website
30 GB Storage
Free SSL
Daily Website Backup
Lightspeed Cache
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5 Websites
50 GB Storage
Free SSL
Daily Website Backup
Lightspeed Cache
Starting from
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10 Websites
125 GB Storage
Free SSL
Daily Website Backup
Lightspeed Cache
Starting from
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All plans include.

Say goodbye to WordPress complexities with Wonder. Effortlessly establish your site, personalize and enhance features, and dive into creative work, all through a user-friendly dashboard. Wonder comes integrated with every WordPress plan.

WordPress Learning Hub

Master WordPress right from the basics and thrive online through step-by-step tutorial videos.

Shielded Resources

Enjoy secure site performance even on shared servers, shielding your website from external impacts.

Instant WordPress Setup

Your WordPress Hosting plan with SEOplanet includes an automatic installation of the latest, most secure WordPress version.

Effortless Starting Point

Dive into WordPress smoothly with user-friendly onboarding from SEOplanet, perfect for quick website initiation.

Secure SSL Encryption

Safeguard personal info and transactions using encrypted connections, ensuring data protection.

Malware Defense, Automatic

Defend your website from viruses and malware with automated SiteLock Security Scans, available across all WordPress Hosting Plans.

More Hosting Specs

Choose the best Hosting plan that suits your requirements.






Webhosting  Features
Host Website
Free Staging
Enhanced Control Panel
1-Click WP Installer
5 Sub-domains
10 Sub-domains
100 Sub-domains
Parked Domains
5 Domains
10 Domains
100 Domains
Addon Domains
SSL Certificate
Free Website Backup
PHP Version Switcher
Control Panel  Features
FTP Account Management
Virus Scanner
Apache Handlers Manager
IP Deny Manager
Index Manager
MIME Types Manager
Redirect Manager
Change Language
Web Disk
Password Protection
Multiple PHP Support
Customizable php.ini
Cron Jobs
Manage DNS
Install PHP PEAR Packages
Install Perl Modules
Backup Manager
Resource Usage Monitoring
User Manager
File Manager
Cache Manager
Server Features
Apache with LiteSpeed
PHP 7.4 to 8.2
WAF Protection
Database Optimizer
Lossless Data Compression
Browser Optimization
Leverage Browser Caching
Gzip Compression
Expires Headers
1-Click Installer
Database Features
MySQL Databases
1000MB / Database
1000MB / Database
1000MB / Database
PHP MyAdmin
Remote MySQL
Email Features
Email Accounts
Email Forwarders
Attachment Limit
10 MB
50 MB
100 MB
RoundCube Webmail
SPF and DKIM Support
Individual Mailbox Storage
500 MB
5 GB
10 GB
Overall Mailbox Storage
2 GB
5 GB
10 GB
Email Sends Per Hour
25 Emails
50 Emails
100 Emails
Webmail in Gmail
Outlook / Thunderbird / Mac Mail
Security Solutions
Network Firewall
Web Application Firewall
Brute-force Protection
Exploits and Malware Protect
Malware Scan and Reports
Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
Monarx Server Security
Account Isolation
Power / Network / Hardware Redundancy
Account Resources
CPU Core
2 GB
4 GB
8 GB
Concurrent connections (EP)
Number of processes (nPROC)
IO Limit
File (Inode) Limit
Our Guarantees
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
99.95% Uptime Guarantee
Upgrade on Pro Rata Basis
24/7/365 Expert Support
Free Website Migration
Instant Setup
Free Video Tutorials

Launch Your Online Store in Minutes.

Build your online store effortlessly as step one. Manage inventory and view real-time stats as step two. With the 75% faster Online Store + Marketplace, gain access to the necessary tools for selling anything.
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Backed by 24/7 expert support and constructed on a dependable platform, SEOplanet's Shared Hosting is the ideal choice to create a website, establish your online presence, and expand your business. Watch our video to learn more.
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24/7 Hosting Support

SEOplanet supports millions of websites world wide. Let our experts help you effectively build, grow, and manage your  WordPress site.
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Craft stunning websites rapidly using any theme!

Personalize every section of your website. Construct diverse websites without coding and
Integrate seamlessly with a wide range of WordPress plugins
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Why opt for SEOplanet?

High Performance

Ultra-fast loading for exceptional user experiences.

Robust Security

Advanced protection against online threats and breaches.

Simple Setup

Effortless installation and configuration for hassle-free use.

Always-On Support

24/7 expert assistance to ensure your success.

Happy Users

We are the best shared hosting service providers in the market! Sounds like a very confident statement, right? But Thousands of satisfied customers have made us the best in the market!

Customer Support

"I'm impressed with their costumer support team, who helped me with an issue I was experiencing while uploading files on my website"

Amit Mishra


Attractive Affiliates

"I registered with SEOplanet affiliate program and with the help of the promotional material they provide me I was able to get started make some money.."


Affiliate Marketeer

Fastest Hosting

"Since I chose SEOplanet my site loading time had decreased drastically. It has heled my site with SERP ranking and I am loving it!"


Our most asked questions - Awnsered


What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a service that provides the technology and resources needed to make your website accessible on the internet.

What types of web hosting are available?

Common types include shared hosting (multiple sites on one server), VPS hosting (virtual private server), dedicated hosting (exclusive server), and cloud hosting (resources from a network of servers).

How does shared hosting work?

Shared hosting allows multiple websites to share server resources, making it a cost-effective option for smaller sites.

Is web hosting secure?

Reputable hosting providers implement security measures like firewalls and SSL certificates to protect your data.

Can I transfer my existing website to SEOplanet?

Yes, you can transfer your website to a new hosting provider. We offer migration assistance.

How to Transfer to SEOplanet?

If switching web hosts, migrating is simplified with Bluehost. Our migration service ensures secure and accurate file transfer. With our expert team, we provide top-notch support for a smooth transition.

What's Shared in Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting enables multiple websites to share server space. Server resources like RAM and CPU are distributed among all hosted websites. It's cost-effective for smaller sites. For resource-demanding ones, VPS or dedicated hosting is recommended.

Is Shared Hosting Secure?

Yes, shared hosting is generally secure. However, since multiple sites share a server, there's a minimal chance of potential impact. Opt for a reliable provider like SEOplanet, which prioritizes security.

Is Shared Hosting Suitable for WordPress?

Absolutely, shared hosting works well for WordPress sites. Our shared hosting plans include automatic WordPress setup and updates.

Can I have an eCommerce store on a shared hosting plan?

Yes, you can have an eCommerce store on a shared hosting plan. However, it's important to choose a hosting provider that offers sufficient resources and features to support the demands of an eCommerce website. SEOplanet, for example, provides shared hosting plans that are suitable for eCommerce, and they also offer specialized eCommerce hosting solutions like WooCommerce hosting for optimal performance and security.

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