The following reseller tools are supported on the Enhance platform.

  • Multi-tiered reselling Enabling the package feature 'Allow sub-resellers' lets direct reseller customers offer reseller hosting packages to their own customers.A reseller customer can only create additional packages within the resource limits of their own package.
  • Dedicated reseller package A reseller package on Enhance can be made 'Dedicated'. This will ensure all the websites belonging to that Reseller are placed on a specific server.
  • Branding Enabling 'Branding' allows Reseller to customise the control panel with their own logos, fonts, colours and button border radius.
  • Custom URLs Resellers can set their own control panel, phpMyAdmin and Roundcube domain names.
  • Custom nameservers Resellers can create custom nameservers for their customers to use, for example
  • Custom hosting packages A reseller can create their own hosting packages with custom resource limits and tools that meet their clients needs.
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